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4 Simple SEO Hacks For Newbie Bloggers

If you want to bring lots of natural, organic traffic to your blog, it's important to get to grips with the basics of search engine optimisation (or SEO for short.) 

Quite often it can make or break a blog's views as without good SEO your little blog will go unseen in the vast sea of the internet. Luckily for you, newbie blogger, your SEO can be improved in a matter of minutes with these four simple hacks.

1. Change your URL/Permalink

It seems obvious, but changing your post's URL is something which often goes forgotten. It's so important to edit this little bit of blog code, especially if you have a long post title. 

Good tips for a post URL are to include key words (for this post I chose 'blogging', 'seo' and 'hacks') keeping it all in lowercase letters, and using a hyphen instead of spaces to increase visibility in search engines.

2. Write a search description

It may have other valuable SEO uses, but to me the search description is all about optimising your posts to be shared on social media. When you share a post to Facebook, the information pulled through in the post 'preview' is whatever you write in your search description, so it's important to make it as reader-friendly as possible.

Your search description is an opportunity to create a short and punchy selling point for your post, so spend time writing and -re-writing it until you think it is perfect. It should encourage and intrigue people enough to click on your blog in a single sentence, without giving too much of the post's content away.

3. Link your posts

A great way to up your SEO is by interlinking your own posts. In regular speak, this means hyperlinking from your current post to a previous one. This not only drives traffic back to an older post, which may have become buried in your archives for some time, but also decrease bounce rate (when a reader clicks on one article, but doesn't stay on your blog.)

It's really simple to link your blog posts as long as you keep the links relevant. For example,  if you've just started your blog and are looking for some more help and information, why not check out my post on 6 Tips For Beautiful Blog Photos?

You can also link your posts by using a 'related posts' widget on your blog. These are created using the labels feature in blogger, which brings me to the next blogging SEO hack.

4. Label your posts

I cannot stress enough just how important labels are, not just for SEO purposes, but also for keeping your blog organised into categories for different types of posts. 

When it comes to labelling your posts, it's best to keep to three or four 'main' labels (I use 'Beauty', 'Lifestyle' and 'Blogging' for mine) and then secondary labels which further describe the content of your posts. I normally use brand names for these, so I can make sure my LUSH, Benefit and Too Faced posts all link to each other in my related posts.

By labelling your posts right from the start, it makes it incredibly easy for you to create a header of categories at the top of your blog's homepage.

One last bonus tip? 
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  1. Thanks so much for these tips Alice, I had no idea what a search description was haha!
    jen | velvet spring

  2. This is an awesome post! I'm such a n00b when it comes to SEO so this is perfect! Thank you <3

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  3. These were really helpful tips and although I wouldn't say I'm a newbie blogger anymore, I will definitely refer back to this. x


  4. Such great tips, I'm guilty of missing out a few of these steps, I need to take your advice!


  5. Thank you for sharing! I'll definitely be taking these on board x


  6. I've been blogging for absolutely years and never realised how important these things were! Have just updated my search description, so thanks!


  7. Such a helpful post Alice! These hacks are great, I'll be sure to give these a go :) xx

    Mae ♥


  8. Loved these tips, will definitely be trying some of those! I forget about SEO so this was a good reminder. :)
    Holly x | https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625

  9. This is so helpful, I will definitely change my post permalinks, I always forget! xx

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  11. Such a useful wee post! I've been linking back to my own posts in recent ones but I've only recently been able to change search descriptions since migrating my blog. It seems like such an easy thing to overlook or forget about but it's so important! :) I look forward to more posts like this!

    I'm over at adalovelacex.co.uk :) hope to see you soon!

    Ada x

  12. I needed help with SEO so thanks a lot for the post lovely!

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

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    Www.atartanrose.com x

  16. great tips indeed! I should never forget about the base!

    Inside and Outside Blog

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  18. Great tips.so useful and informative post.I'm gonna try some of them x


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  20. This is an awesome little list!! I just went self hosted so needed to read up about some basic SEO tips, I love how easy to read this was and how well explained each point is!


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  23. Great tips! I've just started using labels on mine and it's so much easier to keep track of.


  24. I couldn't have come across this post at a better time. I recently was trying to figure out how seo works and what to do with it so thank you !


  25. Lovely post Alice. Although I might have to pester you on twitter with a few questions ;) I'm still learning haha. ❤️ www.nyxierose.com

  26. Great tips. Might try these out when I finally get round to blogging (again)


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