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Review: Lime Crime GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Collection

Having few outgoings last month, I decided to splash out on Lime Crime's newest Velvetines set - the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS collection. 

Described as a set of 'power neutrals', I couldn't resist snapping them up only the day after they went live on the Lime Crime website because yaaaaass give me all the nudes.

The shades in the set consist of Cindy, Elle, Gigi, Lulu and Sasha, each of which being a warm, 'fleshy' neutral.  I love how the girly names give each shade a personality and I feel both the names and colours are very retro, like something out of an 80's girl power movie, such as Girls Just Want To Have Fun. 

The exact shades themselves are as follows.

Lulu - Peachy Beige, Elle - Apricot Nude, Cindy - Terracotta Brown, Sasha - Toasted Rose, Gigi - Taupe Mauve.

My favourite shade by an absolute mile is Lulu as it's so pretty and pink and pastel. I love it so much that I even dedicated a lip-swatch tweet to it, something I never, ever do as I don't really like photos of my lips. Lulu is now my go-to gurrrrl.
The other shades in the collection are also really nice, but nothing too amazing. Cindy is a little bit too orange for me, but that's the only shade that I don't really like. Gigi is also absolutely gorgeous and I sat cursing my camera for not being able to pick up the beautiful mauve undertone it has once dry on lips.

As always, the formula is fabulous. Thick and creamy liquid lipstick which dries to a comfortable matte finish. I've found some of Lime Crime's brighter Velvetines (such as True Love) to be a little bit drying, however these neutrals quite honestly have the perfect formula. Once on lips you can't feel they're even there.

Another note about the formula, I have tried a lot of lipsticks, liquid and otherwise, and none have ever come close to the staying power of Lime Crime Velvetines. My favourite test is too see how much lipstick prints onto my mug during a cup of tea, and with Velvetines it is truly little-to-none, compared to MAC, Too Faced and NYX lipsticks which go everywhere.

On skin, the darker shades are a little bit more patchy than the lighter ones, which is something I've found across the entire Velvetines range (I own fourteen and consider myself an expert *wink*) Sasha was the patchiest of the GIRLS collection when swatched on my arm, however dries nicely and is totally unnoticeable once applied to lips, yay!

The GIRLS Velvetines are around £16 each or £60 for the full set of five, with all the customs charges included in the fixed postage rate. As with all Lime Crime products, they arrive in a gorgeous reversible box decorated with roses, hearts and clouds.

What do you think to this limited edition collection? 
Will you be snapping the GIRLS up for yourself?

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  1. Oh Elle and Lulu.. They all are so pretty!



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