The Battle Of The Body Butters

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

With the glorious weather fast approaching, I'm sure a lot of my readers will be jetting off somewhere exotic for their summer holiday and achieving a gorgeous tan. I however, will be travelling the four and a bit hours down to (hopefully) sunny Cornwall and may need a little help achieving that perfect summer skin. 

My weapon of choice? Body butters!

I absolutely adore body butters, especially ones with a delicious scent, and they are utterly fab at three things...

Preparing... Protecting... Prolonging

Body butters prepare your skin, making it soft and supple, a perfect base for applying any tanning lotion or suncream. It prevents streaking, and can cover up any obvious fake tan smell (mmm, biscuity.)

Because they are hydrating, body butters prevent your skin from drying out in the sun and will protect your skin from becoming dehydrated (yay!)

Applying body butter in the evening after a day in the sun can help to prolong a tan, and also soothe any burning (a must for us pale, freckly ones.)

My Coconut Island - Treacle Moon

£4.05 - 250ml

Scent-wise, this body butter is easy peasy my favourite in my collection, being an absolutely delicious coconut scent. It's not the most subtle of the bunch, but everyone also notices and compliments it. The consistency is quite thick and a little lumpy, though this may be because my pot is a bit old *grin*. It needs quite a bit of rubbing it for it all to soak in properly.

This body butter leaves my skin (especially my shoulders) very soft, but also feels quite greasy on my hands after rubbing it in. Despite this, the My Coconut Island is definitely one to pick up from your local Tesco's.

Orchard Peach - The Body Shop

£13.00 - 200ml

I love the scent of this body butter as it's a very pleasing and almost edible peach. Much like all Body Shop butters, it is very thick and almost like solid yoghurt in texture, leaving a slight drag over skin when smoothing it into skin.

I love this body butter, but I cannot get over how it feels a little sticky. Despite this, the gorgeous scent makes it a very addictive product Needs a lot of rubbing in for it all to absorb.

A lovely scent, but a bit too sticky for the beach.

The Righteous Butter - Soap & Glory

£10.50 - 300ml

What is this scent?! A very pretty, perfume scent typical of soap and glory., however delicate and not overbearing.

Applying much more like body lotion, this body butter is very light and absorbs quickly, smoothing well over skin. This body butter leaves skin feeling 'almost like velvet' just as promisedby the brand. However, there is a lot of drag afterwards. Very soft, but not smooth (if that makes sense!)
It is however a must-have for after those hot summer nights.

Sugar Crush - Soap & Glory

£10.50 - 300ml

Leaving the best until last, my absolute favourite is Sugar Crush, once again by soap and glory. It smells like the most amazing lime, exactly the same as the body wash and the perfume.

I love how this body butter is a little bit thicker than The Righteous Butter, making it more moisturing and more of a true butter than a lotion. The fabulous scent lasts agessss and I'm pretty addicted to it. I can't wait to buy the full sized pot as soon as I can.

Do you have a favourite body butter?
Would love to see new products to try in the comments below!
4 comments on "The Battle Of The Body Butters"
  1. I love the body butter from TBS argan oil collection, it smells so good ! ♡

    <3: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  2. My favourite is also sugar crush from soap and glory, it has an amazing smell and reminds me of summer! Sophie x

  3. I love the 4 of these body butters. I love treacle moon, their body wash are my favourites. They smell incredible!!

  4. I dislike how sticky The Body Shop body butters are. My fave is the blueberry scented Sephora one. It smells extremely delish. I've also yet to try the Soap And Glory ones!

    Aqy |


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