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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hello my darlings! Missed me? Due to starting my apprenticeship this past week I have had literally no free time to blog at all. But FEAR NOT because I am BACK *grin*. The focus of today's post is a fabulous handmade company local to my home town, a bath and beauty company called Soapbox.

I discovered Soapbox when my best friend Miya mentioned it to me in an ICT lesson. She said her work colleague Ashley had started her own business making beauty products, and would I like to try some.

Yes please!

Almost every product is SLS and Paraben free (GO TEAM) which makes the products free from irritants, and prevents them polluting our water once they are washed down the sink, which is good as it protects the little fishies and other sea creatures from any harmful chemicals.

I would like to thank Ashley sooo much for the products she sent for me, two lovely soaps and a fabulous solid shampoo! I've given each product a mini-review and write up below...

Cherry Chocolate Fudge Soap

£3 per soap bar

First things first, this soap smells absolutely awesome in every way. I love the cherry. I love the chocolate. Oosh. Bang tidy tbh.

The chocolate hearts embedded in the soap are made with a clear SLS free soap base with a water based red colour. The rest of the soap is made with goats milk and a hint of vanilla essential oil in order to make it change to the chocolate colour. 

This soap is really good for dry or eczema prone skin due to how creamy it is, meaning it's fabulous for sensitive skin. When washing my face with it my skin felt very moisturised and I felt like I was washing my face with chocolate due to the fabulous scent (yum). I even took it into the shower with me to make my entire body smell delicious.

Strawberries & Cream Soap

£3 per soap bar

The strawberries and cream soap was  the first ever soap Ashley created when she first started the business, and is definitely my favourite one. The base is once again made from goat's milk mixed with vanilla essential oil and a water based red colour to give the soap the gorgeous pink colour with the red chunks.

This soap is definitely my favourite and I love how creamy it feels. I have started washing my face with it in the mornings and it makes my skin feel really clean, but soft. The scent actually lasts agessss on skin and it smells absolutely gorgeous. It lathers amazingly, a little better than the cherry chocolate fudge.

Tea Tree & Peppermint Solid Shampoo

£3.50 per shampoo 

The solid shampoo is SLS free and suitable for Vegans (yay!) as it has no ingredients derived from animal products, meat or dairy. Ashley told me how she used tea tree and peppermint essential oils so it's "all natural and kinder to the skin". She chose these particular oils because they both have properties to make the hair fresh and clean, plus together they smell absolutely amazing.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never tried a solid shampoo until I recived one at a LUSH bloggers event I went to. Based on this experience, I thought I knew what to expect. Nope. This solid shampoo is totally different, feeling smooth and slightly sticky to touch, and slippery like a clear soap when wet. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling very dry, so it's not one to use without conditioner, but it also felt incredibly soft and smelt awesome.

One thing I will mention about the shampoo, it managed to almost completely fade my stubborn blue hair dye in just one wash! Finally I can get rid of the blue!!!

Ashley is currently working on updating her Soapbox website, although in the meantime you can find Soapbox on Facebook. Make sure to check out her gorgeous photos, and if you live local to Retford then definitely go and check out her products at IronTree Designs, located at 110 Carolgate.

Once again thank you SO MUCH to Ashley for gifting me these gorgeous handmade goodies! I am totally loving using them and I can't wait to buy more.

What do you think to these gorgeous products?
Will you be ordering some soon?
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  1. Thank you for sharing these, they look so good 😍 The strawberries and cream bar sounds good enough to eat!!

  2. These look so nice! Ever since I tried the Lush solid shampoo I have been on the look-out for different alternatives. I love the scent mix of peppermint and tea tree. Yum!
    Black Irony

  3. These soaps look so adorable ! I love products like this and love that they are vegan AND supporting small businesses! Yay!


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