Monthly Favourites: April

Friday, 29 April 2016
Seriously, how is April almost over already? So many great things have happened this month; I passed my driving test (finally) and scored myself an apprenticeship which I feel I'm going to really enjoy.

Blogging wise, I haven't exactly been as on-the-ball as I would have liked, despite hitting 40K all time views, but hopefully I'll be able to up my game a little next month. For now, here's my April favourites.

Book - After only just finishing 'Hungry' by Crystal Renn, I'm currently on the look out for a new book to sink my teeth into! My current to-read list is 'It' by Alexa Chung and '#Girlboss' by Sophia Amoruso, 

Wish List - This month I am absolutely aching to get my hands on a Instax Mini camera, preferably in pink! The only thing that actualy stopped me from clicking on the checkout button was the cost of the paper cartridges, no thanks!

Makeup - For makeup it simply has to be my gorgeous new makeup brushes by Spectrum! They are so pretty and soft and fluffy, you can read more about them here.

Food - I've never been fond of burgers, but after winning a sticker for a free quarter pounder in the McDonalds monopoly I decided to try one. Oh my god. So cheesy. So tasty. I'm totally hooked. I'm even drooling whilst writing this. No wonder none of my size 10 shorts fit me any more...

Music This month saw the release of BeyoncĂ©'s new album 'Lemonade'. Despite it being totally raved about, I didn't find it quite as good as it was made out to be. Instead, I've returned to my old favourite album which is 'Crybaby' by Melanie Martinez - 'Soap' is probably my favourite song ever.

Television - A few years ago I watched a few episodes of of Raising Hope, an American comedy about a 'lower, lower, lower middle class' family who end up raising a serial killer's baby. It's not as gritty as the description makes it out to be and is actually adorably and very funny. This last month Sam and I have been watching it constantly and we're now half way through season two.

Blog - As always, I am infatuated with Mandy's fabulous blog, A Girl, Obsessed (but not in a weird stalker way.) She is 100% my inspiration.

What have you all been loving this month?
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  1. I've been loving a lot of different things. Mostly it's this wonderful apple tea, rice cakes, and snuggling with my puppy. Lol. I really do like those brushes. I need to find a set for myself sometime.

    I started to watch Raising Hope, but stopped. How many seasons is it?


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