A BIG Blogging Throwback...

Monday, 11 April 2016
So it's now April, which I think is pretty awesome as that now means my 'blog' is officially one year old. But then again, it's also nearly SIX years old, but at the same time it's only four months old. Whaaaaaa?

Confused yet? Allow me to properly explain...

This blog was first created in May, 2010. I was 12 years old and have absolutely no idea why I would have started a blog, but that's when Google tells me that I did SO IT MUST BE TRUE.

My blog then lay untouched until August, 2012, when I named it "Just Nerdy Things", my own spin-off of the 'Just Girly Things' photos that had started popping up everywhere. It had a total of three posts consisting of really badly edited pictures. I had created the blog whilst on holiday when I was 14 and had nothing else to do. It entertained me for a few days before once again going to the blog graveyard...

In April last year I became absolutely obsessed with Zoella and her blog. Not obsessed in a good way, obsessed in the way that I couldn't believe how famous she had got with a pretty badly-written blog. It annoyed me. I chose to analyse it for my English coursework and found myself thinking 'I could write better than this.' So I did.

"Just Nerdy Things" was renamed "Confessions of a Teenage Shopaholic" and was predominantly a fashion blog, despite the fact I knew nothing about fashion. I tended to model the various bikinis I had, not for people to read, but to gain some confidence in having photos of myself in a bikini online. I then started becoming uncomfortable with some of the comments I received, such as 'you'd look better if you had a waist.' I stopped writing fashion posts (read why I NEVER will again) and started focusing on reviewing face washes and body butters.

My logo until November 2015

Last November, I found I had fallen out of love with my blog. I hadn't posted in months, but I wanted to fix that. I designed myself a new logo, a new background and gave myself a different name, "Sweetie Pop." It was stupid, it was random, and as a blog it totally flopped. 

I started to hate blogging more than ever. My posts were short but rambling and I stole all my photos off Google. I even went as far as to plagiarise reviews from other bloggers when I couldn't think of anything to write (don't worry, they're all long since deleted!)

November - December 2015
I ran Sweetie Pop into the ground and I have never looked back since. My New Year's resolution was to get back into blogging again, so on January 1st 2016. I bought myself a theme and my once-cluttered blog became the gorgeously minimalistic Dainty Alice. I learnt a little bit of HTML coding, something I had never bothered with before, and purchased my own domain to really get the ball rolling.

On the 15th of January I signed up to Twitter and my views EXPLODED.

Since then I have been working so hard on writing posts, trialling and review makeup products and noting down anything I feel would make a great post. I've seriously improved my photography and editing skills and have developed my own personal style of writing. This time last year I hadn't even heard of Too Faced, now I have three eyeshadow palettes and another on the way. The effect this is having on my blog in truly incredible - In January 2016 I got 6,500 views, ten times the amount I had ever got before. February I managed 11,800 views and just this March I broke that record again with 12,300 views. I am so insanely grateful to everyone who reads my silly little blog.

So, despite my blog being 'active' for a year now, I have decided that my real blogging birthday is the 1st January as that was when my first Dainty Alice post was published, detailing my blogging goals for the year. I've come so far since then and it wouldn't have happened without my lovely readers and my blogging friends!

So here's to the future!
Thank you all so much!

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