Boyfriend Writes A Beauty Blog - Lime Crime Velvetine in 'True Love'

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Hairy man-hand

So this Sunday I was supposed to be posting about red lipstick for fair skinned beauties, however after completely forgetting to actually write the post (the photos look FAB though) and waking up at 10:54, that all went a little bit to pot.

So I was sat in bed with Sam, wondering what on earth I could quickly write up that would fit to my new schedule of beauty posts on Sundays, when I was struck with an ingenious and wonderful idea. I would ask him to write a beauty review for me on any one of my many makeup products. I almost wet myself laughing at the idea of a photo featuring a hairy man hand with a little swatch of pink lipstick across it, which is exactly how Boyfriend Writes A Beauty Blog was born...
Boyfriend Writes A Beauty Blog - Lime Crime Velvetines lipstick in 'True Love'

First of all I thought lipsticks were supposed to be sticks in little tubes, but this one looks like paint, which I don't quite get. Alice has explained to me that it dries and she put some on my hand, but I still don't get it. Oh well.

I think I'm supposed to describe the colour. This will be very simple because well... It's red. Oh and it has a tinge of pink in it. I like that.

For some reason it smells like ice cream, but for a red lipstick it smells like vanilla which I find odd because its red and it needs to smell like strawberries. Why do girls need everything to smell like vanilla? God, get it right.

When this particular red (vanilla) lipstick is wet it does indeed smudge and to an accidental discovery quite a bit. I managed to get it all over my arm and Alice rolled her eyes at me and told me the price of it. It does smudge whilst it is dry, but honestly not at all as much as you would expect. I think. I don't really know what lipsticks do.

Alice has asked me to write about how long it lasts. I haven't the foggiest, buuuuuut she wore it out the other day and it lasted a while (and she was chucking cocktails down her neck) so it must be pretty good. Plus, I tried to wash the 'swatch' off my hand and it wouldn't come off, so I had to eat dinner with her family still covered in lipstick.

I cant say that I don't like this lipstick... well because I do actually like it. Alice ROCKS it and she looks damn sexy whilst she does and she tastes like ice cream (bonus.) 

I personally won't be wearing it any time soon (obviously...) but to anyone who would wear it, I would suggest that you give it a shot. It's something like £15 from Lime Crime, which I know is a brand Alice obsesses over, so it must be good even if I haven't described it very well.

* * *

So how did he do?
Not bad for his first makeup review!
What products would you like to see him try and review next?
12 comments on "Boyfriend Writes A Beauty Blog - Lime Crime Velvetine in 'True Love'"
  1. Oh my god, this is the BEST idea ever!!!! This is honestly genius and I was DYING "it's red" - please keep doing these! Xx

  2. This is seriously such a unique idea! Great first post, Alice's boyfriend!
    Def made me laugh a bit!

    Cherish |

  3. This is such a fun and quirky idea! Thanks for the review Alice's boyfriend!
    samantha xx

  4. This is so funny!! Make him review an eyeshadow palette next!

  5. I enjoyed this post, you should do more like it! 😁


  6. This is a great post! It's a really cute review, so different from everything I've read before aha :)
    Paula |

  7. This is a great post! It's a really cute review, so different from everything I've read before aha :)
    Paula |

  8. Loooooool this is amazing. Everything does smell of vanilla tho, he is right! Hahaha <3
    Natasha Kendall

  9. Absolutely brilliant. I daren't ask my boyfriend; "don't like it, it's crap" would be his reply for everything! X

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  10. I loved this so much! Please get him to write more :) x

  11. What a great idea!!! (I don't think I could ever convince my boyfriend to write a post for me tho!) :(

  12. He did such a good job! My boyfriend would be nowhere near as detailed! Maybe he's found his new career path as a beauty blogger?

    Lilies and Lipbalm


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