Blogging - Behind The Scenes #2

Monday, 14 March 2016
I finally made a blogging space!
Hello my lovelies! Please excuse the horrendous photo quality, my camera and I aren't on the best of terms recently (it hates me.) In my previous Behind The Scenes post I mentioned how most of the time I blog from my bed and didn't even have a desk with tastefully arranged planners and notebooks.

Well *update*, now I do, yay. 

Ironically I am still writing this post from my bed because I am super tired, but shh, that will be our little secret. Now, who wants to see more of my blogging space?

My new blogging space is everything I ever dreamed of. Clean, crisp white lines and glitzy notebooks. My laptop artistically shoved to the side and my February birchbox painstakingly arranged in the corner of my lovely little desk. 

Speaking of the desk itself, it actually used to be my makeup stand BUT EVEN LONGER AGO it was an old tea trolley belonging to a relative of my mum's (it may have been her gran, I shall have to double check.) I sanded it down, painted it white and covered it with various makeup tat until I had the idea of making it my desk. There's a bar across where my feet should go, but it's totally fine, ok?

I have several more notebooks littered around on the desk since I took these photos, including my blog planner, but these pink and gold ones tend to be my 'main' blogging notebooks. I actually carry the little pink one around with me everywhere I go as it is a running list of blog post ideas that I jot down whenever I am hit with inspiration. The gold notebook is a more detailed account of blog post ideas, with aspects such as photo plans and example sentences for the post.

On the bottom tray I keep my two floating shelves and all the glossy magazines I own, which I use for both inspiration and pretty backdrops. Once again, since this photo was taking the tray has filled up with more tat including a photograph album and several wodges of blu-tack. I can't help being messy - I see a surface and I MUST COVER IT IN UNNECESSARY ARTIFACTS.

I'm not very good at this 'minimalist' thing. Glancing over at my desk now I can see it also contains three hair bobbles, a tube of Soap & Glory Hand Food, my new March birchbox, a plate of toast and a couple of books. However darling, this is 'shabby chic'. My messiness is art.

You may have also noticed my carpet is blue, despite having pink walls. I hate it, but alas, it was very expensive and I'm not allowed a new one until I accidentally manage to spoil this one beyond repair. I desperately want stripped, white floorboards and a sexy little geometric rug.

So today's was a short little post, but I wanted to give you all a little update into my blogging life. I feel that creating myself a semi-organised little space has given me some good blog karma, as not five minutes had passed since setting it up that I received my first ever brand collab email! So watch this space for something hopefully coming soon.

What's on your desk?
Any random tat?
3 comments on "Blogging - Behind The Scenes #2"
  1. Your desk looks so cute, I love how it used to be a tea trolley I think that makes it more special :)
    Paula |

  2. Your blogging area looks lovely! I love how you re-purposed your makeup stand to become a very pretty desk! As much as I love the whole minimalist aesthetic, I just can't keep my spaces that tidy. I always have random beauty products on top of my desk as well as notebooks and other things. A girl can dream though!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  3. I love posts like this but maybe that's just because I'm nosy, haha. I love how you've up-cycled the old trolley as well! xx


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