Skincare: My Morning Routine

Thursday, 4 February 2016
Hello lovelies! I can very happily say how much I absolutely adore a good scrub in the morning. There's nothing better than having a fresh-feeling, smooth face to slather makeup all over, so when this post was requested by a friend of mind who insisted I had 'really, really good skin' (despite my various protests about my uneven skintone) I decided I couldn't resist sharing my skincare routines with you all.

I have decided to split this into two posts, showcasing my morning and night routines along with the products I use. This post you are reading now is my morning routine and will hopefully give you a little insight into how I take care of my skin and the type of products I adore. Are you ready for the big clean?

First things first, I am a chronic over-sleeper in the mornings. Despite giving myself almost an hour and a half to get up and ready for college, I am late nearly every single day. I need something that forces me to get up and get ready. The solution to this?

Cold water.

Love it or loathe it, you can't deny freezing cold water's amazing ability to instantly snap you out of any sleepy state. It's the first thing I use every morning when I stumble into the bathroom and cup my hands under the tap, before bravely drenching myself in icy water. Vaguely unpleasant, but it works.

I then like to mix up my routine a little, depending on how my skin is feeling that morning. My go-to cleanser is usually Ocean Salt, due to it's wonderful citrusy smell and fresh feeling making my skin appear brighter straight away, as I mentioned in my previous review of Ocean Salt. The limes steeped in vodka also shrink any spots I might have, leaving my face feeling tingly and almost clinically clean.

However there are some days where this cleanser is just too harsh for my skin, especially if I had an overly zealous scrub the night before. On these days I like to wake myself up gently with a little Aqua Marina mixed with warm water as it softens my skin and is only a gentle exfoliant with its sprinkling of sea salt.

On an extremely lazy day, I will sometimes reach for my Apricot Scrub by St Ives as it takes less effort to rinse off than the other two! But it's not my favourite out of the bunch, so this is a little bit of a rare occasion. That doesn't mean it's not a good cleanser, just not my must-have.

I follow whichever cleanser I have used with the wonderful Seaweed toner from The Body Shop. Writing this has actually reminded me that I need to buy some more as my current bottle ran out only last week *cry*. It's an absolutely amazing product which feels really refreshing on skin, wiping away the last traces of cleanser and any stray eye makeup from the previous night. I actually like to keep this toner in the fridge before soaking a cotton pad with it, in order to keep it nicely chilled (trust me, this feels even better.)

My skin normally feels a little dry after a scrubbing, so it's very important to replenish it with a good moisturiser. I am currently using Nivea Soft intensive moisturising cream, however after trying a sample of Benefit's Toal Moisture face cream I am now desperate to get my hands on it, but can't quite justify the £29.50 price tag just yet (Benefit reps, if you are reading this, I would really like some, please and thank you *cheesy grin*)

The last thing in my morning skincare routine is Benefit's wonderful Porefessional. I got this primer for Christmas and have used it every day since, I genuinely have no idea how I ever lived without it. I am dreading the day it runs out as I won't be able to afford a new one, but until then I will enjoy it as much as I can. I squeeze a good amount into my hands then apply a layer all over my face, paying special attention to my nose, cheeks and chin, the areas where my foundation tends to flake. This product truly works wonders at minimising pores and leaving a light-weight, velvety finish, I even use it on days when I'm not wearing any makeup! It also smells amazing, not gonna lie.

So there we have it! My morning skin care routine. I find it easy to stick to this routine as the idea of putting makeup on an unwashed face makes me want to gag, however my laziness will be revealed when it comes to my night time routine (hint hint, it's tomorrow's post!)

What do you think to my every day skincare products?
Have I mentioned a holy grail of yours?
What's your routine?
4 comments on "Skincare: My Morning Routine"
  1. I don't currently have a go-to cleanser! I'll have to check out your review of the Ocean Salt as usually I struggle with Lush products, however my face may not react badly to their products like my body etc!
    Katherine Rosie | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I would definitely recommend trying Aqua Marina as it's far more gentle than Ocean Salt and suitable for sensitive skin xx

  2. i need to invest in ocean salt!!


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