My Free Ciaté Nail Polish - Pillow Fight

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Hello lovelies! When it comes to magazines I'm normally a Cosmopolitan type of girl, ELLE if I'm desperate for some blog photo backgrounds, but this last weekend I picked myself up a copy of the March edition of InStyle mag as I saw it had a pretty awesome free gift.

That's right, I got a full size Ciaté London nail polish for only £4 as opposed to the usual £9 RRP and it is the most gorgeous shade ever. Just how adorable is that bow?

Ignore my awful editing here!
The name of the shade is 'Pillow Fight' and was one of five shades available with the magazine. Unfortunately, the store I was in only had two shades available, this one and 'Rain Check' a deeper purple.

I chose this colour as I thought it was a really delicious lilac-grey shade, which I much preferred to the purple. InStyle mag describes the collour as "Creamy delicate grey with the smallest hint of lilac, innocent looking with an edge. Get ready to release your playful side" and I definitely agree with this 100%

I'm not normally one for nail varnish as until very recently I had awfully bitten nails, however I decided to celebrate kicking my habit with testing this shade.

Isn't it just utterly gorgeous? This is just with two light coats of polish, as you can see it's still slightly sheer over the tips of my nails, but aside from that the colour is just dreamy. The formula is also very good, I've never tried a Ciaté London nail polish before and was so impressed with how smooth it was. It only lasted a day without chipping, however I did not use a clear base or top coat.

This colour also makes my arms and hands appear more tanned than they actually are - I only painted the colour on one hand and when compared to the other my skin looked a little darker.

I wish I could have got my hands on a few of the other shades, I really love the sound of the peachy 'Hoopla' and the nude 'Ice Frappe', so I shall see if I am able to get them on Depop or eBay for a good price (you'll all know by now how much I'm against paying full price for things!) So definitely run down to your nearest newsagents to get your hands on this deal.

What do you think to this shade?
Which Ciaté polishes do you own?
2 comments on "My Free Ciaté Nail Polish - Pillow Fight"
  1. SUCH a gorgeous, classic colour! It is absolutely perfect for this time of year too.. Where you don't want anything too bright just yet, but you don't want to be wearing black! Love it so much !!
    Fab post and very details review lovely! Well done!!

  2. Lovely shade, suits your skin tone. The ciate description is bang on! Delicate but edgy. X


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