Little Things Mean A Lot...

Monday, 22 February 2016
Hello lovelies. As you may have picked up due to the insane amount of tweeting on my behalf this last week, yesterday was mine and Sam's 6 month anniversary. Some of you may laugh at this, but we always love to celebrate the little things. We have been sure to spend each and every little festivity together throughout the last six months, including Halloween, Christmas and even Pancake Day.

I knew I wanted to get Sam something really special for the occasion, however I had less than £10 left in my bank. I remembered how he had really appreciated the cartoon poster I made him for his birthday and I decided that I would once again get a little bit crafty with glitter and glue.

I decided to make him a memory board of the first six months we had spent together, up until our Valentine's day last week. Ordering a set of polaroid photos with images of the two of us, I was worried they wouldn't arrive in time. Miraculously they did and I was able to get to work on his present just the day before it was needed.

I cut quotes I liked out of magazines, mainly February Valentine's issues that gave me words like "perfect" and "smooch", and arranged them over a simple glass frame I had bought specially. I placed the photos in chronological order and took special care to photocopy the cinema ticket from the first film we had seen together, Pixels, which I keep in a jewellery box along with other mementos.

But this post isn't about the present itself. It's about how it was received. You see, even though my Sam is a softie, I still wouldn't have received the same level of emotion if I had instead presented him with a shop-bought gift. It was the fact that his present was so personal and so utterly unique that tears rolled down his cheeks when he saw it.

This photo is from the exact moment he opened his eyes and first saw what I had given him, I was poised with my camera in hand, ready to capture the moment forever. I won't post the photo I took of him actually crying, because that would be a little bit too invasive, but it happened.

So the point of this post is just to show just how happy you can make someone with even the littlest of things. It probably took me an hour to make this altogether, but he's promised me he will treasure it forever. So before you spend extortionate amounts of money on a material gift, just think about how much more they would prefer something personal (and infinitely more meaningful.) I'm not saying don't spend money on your friends and loved ones, by all means do, but just not to worry if you can't afford to, there are always other options. "When you've got money, spend it and enjoy it. When you don't, you do without it. There are plenty of things to make up for it."

The entire time we sat on my bed, just cuddling, I had that song from the AXA car insurance advert stuck in my head, "Little Things Mean a Lot" which eventually served as the inspiration for this post today. It made me think about how I had made Sam so happy with something so small, that even I was surprised with how much it meant to him.

What was the last little thing you did to make someone happy?
Or something someone did for you?
Let me know in the comments!
2 comments on "Little Things Mean A Lot..."
  1. This is such a wonderfully thoughtful idea, it looks like it all turned out perfectly too. Congratulations on a happy six months together!

    Jade •

  2. Oh my gosh the memory board is so cute!!! I bet he loved it xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie


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