Hello February

Monday, 1 February 2016
Hello lovelies! Well aren't I glad that January is finally over, such a long, dreary month. A lot of well-known figures passed away this month, making it one of the saddest January's yet. But this post isn't about sadness, it's about what I'm looking forward to this February.

I have loads of great things happening to me this month, so the purpose of this post is just to share a few of them with you and also see what things my readers are looking forward to in February.

- Alice's February -

- My third driving test and hopefully third time lucky. I'm absolutely terrified, but I'm determined I will finally pass this year.

- Pancake day, duh. No explanation needed for this one.

- Valentines Day! Unfortunately both me and the boyfriend are absolutely skint, but we are going to make it special nonetheless. No fancy meals for us, but a movie night and a twenty chicken nugget share box sounds perfect.

- The 21st February will mark six months of my boyfriend and I being together. It's a little milestone, but will be the first of many! We are planning to have a nice evening out and possibly go see the Deadpool movie at the cinema.

- Sometime this month I will be getting my mock exam results. I absolutely worked my bum off, so I hope I've been rewarded.

- Hopefully I will also be going back to work in order to get some more pennies in (so I can buy pretty things to blog about!)

- The weather is starting to get brighter, so we all know that Spring is peeking round the corner.

- Now I've officially eaten up all my Christmas chocolate, it's time to get started on the Cadbury's Creme Eggs that have appeared in stores.

- I'm also really looking forward to February half term - anything to get away from Sixth Form for a week.

What things are you looking forward to this month?
Anything special?
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  1. What a fab week! Fingers crossed for your drivers test, they are so horrible! Just remember to breathe! I held mine for what felt like the whole test :)



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