Girly Day: Eyebrows & Shopping

Friday, 19 February 2016
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Hello lovelies! A different type of post for today, a little insight into my life and what I like to do when I'm not blogging. I've seen quite a few posts like this by some of my favourite bloggers, so I decided to give it a try. Be prepared for lots of photos!

So yesterday my sister and I decided to have a girly day and a special treat I booked for us to have our eyebrows done at a local salon called Shine Hair and Beauty. I have never had my eyebrows tinted before and they haven't been waxed in over two years *gulp* so I was actually really nervous.

As soon as we entered the salon we were greeted warmly by Nicola, who I recognised from doing my nails in March last year. I hadn't been to the salon since it moved premises and I was taken aback by how gorgeous the décor was inside, I simply had to take some pictures (which confused the ladies working there until I explained it was for my blog!)

The nail station

The gorgeous waiting area
I even made my sister pose for a photo on the lovely sofa before we went into the little room to be tinted and tweezed.

Inside the beauty room I made my sister go first as I was too scared! She had already had her eyebrows tinted before so I assumed she was a pro. She hardly flinched when she had them waxed, a stark contrast to the peculiar squeaking sound that came out of my mouth when it was my turn.

I was amazed at how hot the wax was. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but it took me by surprise all the same. I felt truly pampered laying there allowing Nicola to work her magic on my previously Chewbacca-esque eyebrows.

Naturally both mine and my sister's eyebrows are quite light, so it was really lovely to have them tinted to properly match my natural hair colour (I need to remind myself to dye my hair soon as my roots are becoming pretty prominent...)

What an attractive angle... I have six chins
It cost £10 each for us to have our eyebrows tinted, waxed and plucked, which is a truly amazing price for such lovely service and fabulous results, I will definitely be going back again as Nicola is so friendly. Shine Hair and Beauty also do a wide range of services including highlights, perms, gel and acrylic nails, tanning, and even pamper parties, which sound totally amazing.

We had a really nice time at the salon and it was lovely to spend some proper time with my sister, as she is at school until 5pm every day and is always out and about at weekends. She had asked to spend more time with me so this half term was the perfect opportunity.

I took a quick before and after picture showing how tragic my brows were before and how fabulous Nicola had managed to make them. I now feel so much more confident taking selfies knowing my brows are totally 'fleeking', as my sister would say. I am aware of the slight resting bitch face on the after photo, it adds a touch of sass I think *smirk*

My lipstick is Lime Crime's Velvetine in 'Saint'

After having our eyebrows done, we went to the pub for a spot of lunch (I made that sound really posh, but in reality I had bangers and mash) then being the crafty bitches that we are, we went to Superdrug and used the foundation testers to cover the red patches on our foreheads left by waxing. I also bought some Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for £1.99 as I have been desperate to try it after seeing it advertised in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Our next port of call was Homebargains to buy some popcorn for the film we were watching later in the evening. After previously trying Homebargains' own brand and finding it almost inedible, we decided to try the Despicable Me Minions version! I am hardly the world's biggest fan of minions, finding them rather annoying, but even Minions popcorn is better than nothing.

Being the shopaholic that I am, I couldn't resist buying some pretty notebooks for 99p and 59p each. Don't judge me, they're for blog ideas and they also make gorgeous props.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Somehow I got pretty sparklies on my photo and decided to keep them
I had such a wonderful day with my sister - In the evening we snuggled up with our mum and two huge bowls of popcorn to watch 'Sisters', the perfect choice of film after our day together. I am absolutely shattered now, so I'm scheduling this post for tomorrow (which is now today) and I'm getting to sleep!

How do you enjoy a girly day?
Any other sisters out there?
8 comments on "Girly Day: Eyebrows & Shopping"
  1. Hi there!
    I really enjoyed reading this post :) your photos look great.
    I have really light blonde eyebrows like yourself and I am trying to pluck (do pardon the pun) up the courage to get mine waxed as I never have before haha!
    Imogen x

    1. Thank you so much! Tinting seemed to definitely help my sparse little brows, and I'm looking into buying Benefit's gimme brow too after having a demonstration yesterday xx

  2. Awwww days like this are the best!! Your eyebrows look absolutely fabulous babe.. and how cute is your dress!! By the way .. Home Bargains is one of my FAVE stores to pick up cheap snacks/random bits!!


    1. Thank you sweetness!! You're always so lovely to me :) Homebargains is literally the BEST xx

  3. Sounds like a fun day! These kinds of days are my favorite! After I get my eyebrows done, I feel a million times better. Yours look stunning! Looking forward to future posts! X

    1. Thank you so much! Yes we had a wonderful day, I can't wait for an opportunity to do it all again! xx

  4. I have never had my eyebrows waxed im too scared! I have had them threaded though. I do dye my own eyebrows using the Eylure Brow Kit which is amazing.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

    1. Threading is supposed to be more painful than waxing, so you must be really brave! xx


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