Brag Post: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Monday, 15 February 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, she did it again! As you may remember from last week's lipgloss post, my friend Miya is awesome with gifts and on Wednesday last week she sprung another little surprise on me - a sample of Urban Decay's famous eyeshadow primer potion! Squee!

If you haven't already heard about this primer, you should start googling it immediately. This highly-coveted primer is rumoured to be the best in the business, with eye makeup staying on even through showers, but how did I get along with it?

As usual with Urban Decay, the packaging is absolutely fabulous. The primer itself is encased in a purple ombr√© tube with a jewel shaped lip. The full size of this primer comes with an applicator wand within the lid, however this sample size is the squeezy tube only.

It's not often that I am completely blown away with a product just after one use, but for this primer the word 'awesome' is completely justified!

I applied two swipes of Too Faced eyeshadow in the shade 'Lap Dance' on my hand, one using the primer and one without out. I instantly noticed just how vibrant the primer made the eyeshadow after just one swipe, even after three applications the primer-less swatch couldn't match up.

I tested removing the eyeshadow with a basic Skin Active cleansing wipe. The non-primer swatch was removed after two light brushes with the wipe, however I had to honestly scrub at my hand to remove the eye shadow with the primer!

When first applied, the primer matches my skintone almost exactly, however after being massaged into the skin it completely disappears. It feels almost velvety on skin and has a really lovely perfumed smell. My only gripe with this product is that I didn't get enough of it - The tube seemed completely empty until squeezed hard. When checking the amount of product the tube stated it contained only 2ml of primer. Despite only being a tiny amount, it has me utterly convinced that I need this primer in my life.

Before now I was using Too Faced's Candlelight primer, but I think I may have found a new holy grail product! I would also love to try the other primer potions that Urban Decay have to offer, which were advertised on the cardboard sleeve the sample came in.

To buy the full size of this product is £16. I would try to totally justify the price by the quality of the product, however I feel for only 10ml this is still a little overpriced. I shall try and get my hands on it through Depop or eBay, as I always tend to do.

Do you own this product?
Would you justify the price for the amount?
3 comments on "Brag Post: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion"
  1. I love the primer potion and dpn't think I could live without it anymore :) it makes eyeshadow applying so much easier and stops my eye makeup from creasing. Loove it. :)
    Emma xxx

  2. The original eyeshadow primer potion is my absolute favourite - I use it every time I wear any makeup on my eyes. The full sized one lasts ages. x

    Erin |

  3. I made sure I purchased a full sized tube of this after getting a sample with my Naked 2 palette, it's definitely work the price tag!

    Sophie |


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