Blue Hair, Don't Care: Why I Am Finally Becoming Myself Again

Monday, 29 February 2016

When I was 15, I had the most awesome emo phase. The bottom of my hair was bright pink one summer holiday, the next it was lilac and blue. All I ever wore was bright Truffle Shuffle t-shirts and black jeans. I had a long sweeping fringe and wore skeleton hand clips in my hair. I tagged every instagram selfie with #emo #scene #scenegirl #altgirl and I wore enough eyeliner to sink the Titanic on a daily basis.

I was so happy wearing whatever the hell I wanted and not caring what people thought. My Chemical Romance was my soundtrack to life and I had a HUGE poster of Paramore hanging in my bedroom, along with a giant Adventure Time one. My room was raspberry red and behind my bed was a huge collage of photos of myself and my best friend at the time. I was utterly and entirely my own person. 

And now, at 18, I'm trying to rediscover that happy feeling.

Age 15 - 16

Last week I dyed my hair blue following the results of a Twitter poll I ran. Not the entirety of my hair, just dip-dye, the summer craze of 2012. And I loved it instantly. I felt a little bit more like myself again, the person I was before I turned 17 and deleted my old Facebook, got rid of my emo clothes and became obsessed with wearing the same thing as everyone else.

I haven't worn eyeliner under my eyes in over a year, but now I've started adding a delicate line to my bottom lashes when applying my morning makeup. My fringe has grown out and become unruly and fluffy, so I've taken to dowsing it with hairspray and teasing it up further to echo my days of backcombing.

I'm genuinely excited to start easing myself back into my old clothes again. When before I used to wear something totally different every day, now I seem to wear the same blue jeans and grey cardigan most days. My previous self would have fainted at the idea of me wearing anything Hollister. This doesn't mean I am getting rid of my pretty dresses, it just means I will be wearing whatever I feel like from now on, and not just the understated 'chic' clothes that everyone else does.

I'm a little bit worried about the effect this may have on my blog. Currently my blog and photos stick to a strict 'pale princess' theme, but I feel like I want to explore my true personality a little bit more through my posts. I don't think this will change my blog massively, just improve it a little (yay!)

My bedroom will still be bright pink, which I love, but I'm considering putting some posters up again. Over the last six months I have become increasingly obsessed with Melanie Martinez and would love some Crybaby-esque things to feature in my room.

I'm still totally 100% me, I'm just expressing it better. 
Blue hair is only the start.

15 comments on "Blue Hair, Don't Care: Why I Am Finally Becoming Myself Again"
  1. Oh my goodness I love your hair! Kudos to you for finding what makes you happy and going for it, it takes a lot of courage and I'm happy for you! :)

    1. Thank you sweetness! I'm so excited to start being myself again and not caring what people think! Xx

  2. So glad you are learning to appreciate all the shades of yourself.
    I just can't understand how can you call your 'emo' phase "happy feeling". I find it quite contradictory! I was a style 'neighbour', so to speak, always wearing black and always listening to Marilyn manson. I wouldn't call that years of my life happy at all, even if it was just a fashion statement


    1. Ah! I was waiting for this comment! I didn't 'feel' emo, more the opposite. More truthfully my style would have been described as 'scene' but nobody seems to know what that is haha. The feeling was that I knew who I was, and I didn't care about looking like everyone else or worrying I was "weird" xx

  3. I'm happy you are doing what makes you happy and being yourself! Love your hair :)
    Paula |

  4. Oh my gosh I used to be such a scene kid back in the day! Two tone eye shadow (pink and yellow was my fave combination) brightly coloured skinny jeans and jewellery made almost exclusively out of paper clips! While I'm in no rush to go back to that kind of style I do definitely miss not caring a jot what other people thought of how I dressed! I love the hair and I'm so glad you're feeling happier in your own skin! xx

    Kate |

  5. I've already said it, but I looove your hair! Yay for being yourself! It really is difficult. I'm 29 and end up having to wear 'work clothes' most days and people comment on my 'student style' as if I haven't grown up. I don't like it! I never thought about how style would change as I got older and didn't realise others were influencing it.

    I think as long as you're being yourself and you're happy, that will translate to your blog and everything else you do :)

    tina x

  6. Of course we don't mind, a personal blog should be honest so when you look back on it you can see how you really felt during these periods of time. I love the blue hair on you, makes your eyes pop as well!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  7. YES!! I went through an emo phase when I was 15 too, I never cared what anyone thought of me and always shrugged off peoples comments...wish it was that easy now.

    You look amazing...I love the hair, and the eye liner is so cool (may have to get mine back out :D)

    Katie |

  8. Wow, looks so great, love your sharing so much!


  9. I love this post! Also, no matter what you do, you will forever remain the best "pale princess" blogger ;) ... You'll just add a bit of "pomp" (not that it your blog dosen't have a pomp alreay, it'll just be a different kind of pomp :P) to it and I don't think that could be a bad think in anyway.
    Just be yourself at all times, in whatever way you feel comfortable in.
    Your blog, your rules.

    P.S. I love your hair

  10. I’m in love with your hair, so beautiful! I wish I had hair like that, instead of the impossible curls and boring brown color...

    Stay true to yourself girl and be who you want to be! it’s nice to see someone has the guts to be who they are :)

  11. Your blue hair looks great! I recently dyed my hair a royal blue.. but since I had highlights before it's purple and different shades of blue which I like. You should definitely do what makes you happy!

    Who Let the Mum Out?

  12. Well these are absolutely totally gorgeous, just like I knew they would be!
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