6 Tips For Healthy Hair

Tuesday, 2 February 2016
Hello lovelies. Today's post focuses on something which is very important to me - keeping my hair healthy! My hair is very long and I bleach it maybe four times a year, so it's got to be kept in good condition to prevent it knotting or breaking.

This post features all my own tips for keeping hair thick, luscious and bouncy, along with some tips I have either found online or been told about. Let's make every day a good hair day!

1. Stop washing you hair every day - Washing hair every day washes away all the natural oils which keep hair healthy. Shampoo traps these oils, then is rinsed away, leaving your hair dry and prone to breakages and split ends. What's worse is that your scalp then starts mass-producing these natural oils to make up for the deficit, which causes your hair to get greasy again straight away!

My hair can easily go three or four days between washes and only needs a little bit of dry shampoo to perk it up, this is called 'training' your hair. If you find yourself suffering with greasy hair at the end of every day, then try leaving longer in between washes until your hair gets used to it.

2. Only use heat tools when absolutely necessary - I never straighten, curl or blow dry my hair, which is part of the reason it's in good condition. Everyone knows that over-using heat is extremely damaging, so try to not use heat tools to style your hair unless you absolutely have to.

There are loads of great ways to style hair without using heat, one of my favourites is a simple messy bun, or using dry shampoo to give hair more texture. Spend some time on pinterest researching styles without heat.

3. Get regular trims - Split ends can make the longest, healthiest hair look instantly tragic. I get my hair trimmed every six to eight weeks and have about half an inch taken off each time. 

Without regular trims, split ends leave hair looking dead and lifeless. They also begin to split further and further up the hair shaft, which leads to hair breaking off, so book yourself in for a trim at least once every two months.

4. Buy a nourishing hair mask - I am currently using an Argan Oil hair mask that I bought from Homebargains for 99p and it is honestly the best thing ever. I use it maybe once a week after shampooing my hair by first drying my hair then coating it in the hair mask. I then leave it for ten minutes whilst I do all my other shower-things, then rinse it out again.

I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this hair mask. I was considering having three inches cut off my hair due to how dry the ends were, but after one use of the hair mask my hair was visibly repaired. Buy the hair mask. Just do it.

5. Condition your hair every time it gets wet - Guess what? You don't need to wash your hair every day, but you should try and condition it every time you shower. This will prevent the hair from matting and knotting when it starts to dry, keeping it sleek and shiny.

6. Be very gentle when brushing your hair - I used to absolutely rake my hair, which not only really hurts but caused me to lose more hair than necessary. I shed a lot of hair anyway, but this really wasn't helping the matter.

You should brush your hair like it's spun from gold, being extremely gentle with your hair brush. Start from the ends, working your way up, no matter how tempting it is to brush from root to tip.

What are your top tips for long, healthy hair?
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