10 Chick Flicks Every Girl Needs To See

Wednesday, 10 February 2016
I am an absolutely huge movie buff, I'm pretty sure my second home is the local cinema. I love all genres of films, however when I'm having a bad day, I always find myself coming back to my beloved chick flicks (possibly due to my huge crush on Colin Firth)

I've put together this list of classic chick-flicks every girl simply needs to see, from cult classics to some lesser-known romantic comedies. Not only are these such massive feel good films, we all need a day in where we paint our toenails and binge on popcorn under the watchful eyes of Lindsey Lohan and Tina Fey.

"Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?"
Clueless, 1995

Clueless is one of those films that simply gets better with age, and the quotes are simply to die for. Cher Horowitz is a spoilt princess who becomes de-throned after new-girl Tai joins the school, despite doing all she can to 'create' her and give her a makeover. I love this film because I am obsessed with makeover films, and I just can't help warming to the utterly bemused Cher as she struggles to make sense of her world.

Mean Girls, 2004

What list of chick flicks could ever be complete without Mean Girls? If you haven't already seen it, I'm ashamed of you, and you need to watch it immediately. Similar to Clueless, this is also a makeover movie, where new girl Cady plots to take down the Queen Bee Regina, whilst inadvertently becoming more like her than she planned. Hilarious capers and memorable quotes and constant throughout the film.

The Duff, 2015

The most recent film on this list, The Duff only came out last year and is most definitely on my list of favourite films ever. Bianca suddenly realises that she is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend and disowns her two best friends. Pairing up with her gorgeous neighbour Wesley, Bianca vows to reinvent herself and snag a boyfriend in the process. This is both one of the funniest and cringiest films I have ever seen, promoting self-esteem and why we should love ourselves the way we are.

Bridget Jones' Diary, 2001

Bridget Jones' Diary is without fail the film I always put on when I'm not feeling great. Whether I've been dumped, or just not feeling very well, it's the one I always turn to. Who can resist our lovely-but-dim Bridget and the scrapes she gets herself into? And when that's teamed with delicious hunks Colin First and Hugh Grant vying for her, it's a recipe for one of the best films ever made.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun, 1985

I have been obsessed with this film since I was ten years old. Young Sarah Jessica Parker plays Janey, a talented dancer who wants to score a place on the hit show Dance TV. Janey’s best friend is Lynn, a girl who wears hats with giant crickets on them and a school uniform skirt that reverses into a leather mini. It's an awesome film, just watch it. (There's also an awesome scene where a lot of punks trash the stuck-up girl's party!)

"Do you really think I'm punk? Well, that's outrageous! I mean, it's not as cool as new wave, but it's a lot better than pre-teen!"

Aquamarine, 2006

This film is honestly adorable in every single way. When a mermaid named Aquamarine washes up in a local swimming pool, she befriends Claire and Hailey on her quest to find true love. Think "Splash" as a teen comedy, with lots of boy-chasing and a makeover scene (obviously) along the way. It's such a cute feel-good film with a young Emma Roberts, you can't help but love it, even if it's rating say otherwise.

Made Of Honour, 2008

A very, very funny film starring Patrick Dempsey as Tom, a seriel dater and commitment-phobe. When his best friend Hannah plans to get married, she asks Tom to be her male maid of honour, unknowing of the fact that he is secretly in love with her. Tom is torn between sabotaging the wedding, or helping his best friend have the day of her dreams. Armed with a very tiny kilt, Tom has to find a way to do what is right, making this film perfect for a lazy Sunday at home when you're in need of a giggle.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, 2008

This film is based on the fabulous books by Louise Rennison, which just so happen to be my favourite ever book series. Not sticking entirely to the theme of the books, this film focuses on how Georgia wants to snare new-boy Robbie as her boyfriend, along with help from dim-but-sweet best friend Jas and her Ace Gang, all whilst convincing her parents to let her have her birthday party in a club. An absolutely hilarious coming of age film, involving one scene where Georgia fake tans her legs bright orange, with an upbeat soundtrack and playful vibe.

Love Actually, 2003

This film is the perfect crossover of a Christmas film and a romantic comedy. Starring once again the delicious pair that is Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, the film contains several storylines of families at Christmas, which all eventually link together. Such a happy film, I cry at the ending every single time I watch it, it's just too much for me! I must have seen this film twenty times, if not more, and am planning to force the boyfriend to watch it (again) with me on Valentines day.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

This film speaks to me on so many levels! Based on the books by Sophie Kinsella, aspiring journalist Becky Bloomwood must find a way to pay off her debt, all whilst having a serious shopping addiction. The books and film were the inspiration for my original blog, titled Confessions Of A Teenage Shopaholic, and are the reason for me telling ,myself that my little shopping 'treats' are all "investments"!

What's your favourite chick-flick?
Did it make it onto this list?
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  1. Love your picks, especially Clueless! My favorite is another Alicia Silverstone movie called Blast from the Past. Don't know how many people have seen it, but it's a must :-)

    1. I've never seen that! I'll be sure to check it out xx

  2. I've only seen 4! Must check out the rest and revert!

  3. I really really want to go re watch clueless now! xx

    1. It's probably my favourite film ever! Xx

  4. I love and agree with every single movie in this post!


  5. Nice list! Clueless and Mean Girls are an absolute MUST! I would also add 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing, Uptown Girls, Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing... I could go on and on. Chick-flicks are the best!

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