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Saturday, 2 January 2016
Unfortunately, a lot of my readers may abscond this post as soon as they see the words "Lime Crime", but please hear me out! I am very much aware that there is a lot of scandal surrounding the brand and I took a lot of time thoroughly researching Lime Crime and their past mis-deeds.

However, recently more and more bloggers have been praising Lime Crime and after seeing that a few of their products were better than half price with free UK shipping, I decided to give them a chance. I ordered four lipsticks which were posted the same day and arrived only a week later, which was amazing to say they were coming from America during peak Christmas shipping times!

And omg, I love them.

I ordered three Unicorn Lipsticks in the shades 'Eraser' (which was until recently online available via Urban Outfitters) 'Geradium', which is described as a neon coral-pink, and 'Retrofuturist', Lime Crime's only true red.

The first thing that really stood out to me was their lovely packaging. Arriving in a plain-white box which once opened revealed a gorgeous floral print interior. The lipsticks were nestled in swathes of yellow tissue paper for protection and the whole thing looked truly beautiful. Someone must have put a lot of thought into the design and presentation, which gave me a good first impression of Lime Crime and their products.

The packaging for the lipsticks themselves is also gorgeous; small blue boxes decorated with clouds, flowers and two-tone unicorns, with an individual swatch of the lipstick's colour on the lid.

The Velvetines packaging is a bright red tube, decorated with pink flowers and is unique to each shade of Velvetine.

By now I was just so excited to tear into the packaging and reveal my lovely new lipsticks, but instead I forced myself to remove them gently and take more photos before I tried them! 

The cases for the lipsticks themselves are shaped like little purple bullets, decorated with holographic unicorns, stars and the Lime Crime logo. I can tell already how much it's going to irritate me if the lid doesn't line up with the case properly after I've been playing around with them! They also show the colour of the lipstick on the bottom of the tube, along with the name in capital letters!

The formula for the lipsticks varies a little among the shades. I found that Retrofuturist was the easiest to apply, gliding nicely onto the lips, but Eraser dragged slightly, and looked slightly... thick? It is however my favourite shade out of all three. 

Geradium was also easy to apply. The colour varied slightly as to how it was described on the website, I thought it was more muted and less neon, which I vastly preferred! Unfortunately I shall not be providing swatch photos as I have really thin lips, which aren't the most attractive!

However my favourite lipstick is easily the Riot Velvetine! It takes a little practice to apply - you actually need a lot less than you would actually think! But once on it dries beautifully, you can hardly feel it's there, and lasted me the whole of New Year's Eve (which involved a lot of eating and drinking, I can assure you.) The only time I had tried a liquid lipstick before, it was an awful piece of Made-In_china trash from eBay, which stuck my lipsticks together and gave me an allergy, so this one being so light and smooth was a huge surprise.

It also smells of vanilla ice cream which is a BIG thumbs-up! A lot of reviews have complained about the smell, however I found it delightful! The only downside being that it disappeared once the lipstick had dried. I didn't notice a smell ffom the Unicorn Lipsticks at first, however after removing the lids and smelling the lipsticks themselves there is definitely a hint of a chocolatey scent, similar to the Soap and Glory matte lipsticks.

So overall Lime Crime receives an absolutely glowing review from me! I will definitely be purchasing more Velvetines whenever I have the money! The only downside is I wish there were more natural colours, but I think that's the point! You're supposed to stand out! 

Thank you for reading my review!

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