How to: DIY Polaroid Photo Strings

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Don't panic! I've not gone anywhere. My New Year's Resolution to write two posts a week isn't quite going so well, but I'll persevere!

Today I'm here with a simple DIY tutorial for you all; one of the prettiest features in my room is easily my lovely photo string on my wall, and it's something I get a lot of comments on when people first enter my room. 

They're really popular on tumblr and the like, so I decided to make one myself and it was super easy, so I thought I'd share my method with my readers today! 
For this project, you will need:

  • String, as long as you like!
  • Photos
  • Pegs
  • Photo editing software or access to online shopping
  • Photo paper
  • Printer

Making your polaroid pictures
  1. First of all, you need to gather together all the digital photos you would like to use on your photo string. The easiest method would be to save all your photos in one folder named "Polaroids" on your computer, this will make them easier to access later.
  2. Next you want to download this polaroid template and open it up in photo editing software (I use Serif Photo Plus X7) You may want to resize it a little.
  3. Then open up the photos you want to use and crop them into squares. This is even easier if you are using instagram photos.
  4. Paste your photos over the black space on the polaroid, save the image and print it onto photo paper. Cut it to shape, then you have your first faux-polaroid picture!
  1. Load up the website, a website I have ordered from myself many times!
  2. Upload your photos and select the type of frame you would like. You can even edit the photos and add text.
  3. Order your photos. It's £5.80 for 20 polaroid prints, making them only 29p each! Though they often have discount codes if you follow their instagram or sign up online.
Then all you have to do is tie a loop at the end of each string to hang from a hook then, use regular washing pegs to clip your polaroids along the string however you want. I bought my floral pegs in the header image for £1 from The Works, but you can use whatever you like! Try covering some in glitter to add an extra sparkly touch!

Top Tip: Wrap fairy lights around the string to add a beautiful glow to your bedroom.

I hope you love this tutorial! I loved creating it!
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